Daewoo DP52 in .22LR

Daewoo DP52 in .22LR

Daewoo DP52 in .22LR

Daewoo makes pistols  in a few different calibers and this is their .22LR semi automatic offering in a PPK form factor.

After the collapse of the Daewoo Group, Daewoo Precision Industries became S&T Daewoo. The Daewoo handguns, shotguns and rifles that were imported into the USA tduring the mid-1980s through late-1990s, were all made under the Daewoo Precision Industries company. Daewoo also supplies the firearms for most of the front line units for the Republic of Korea Armed Forces.

Kimber was the last US importer for the Daewoo firearms. The only handgun S&T Daewoo makes is the K5 (DP51) and is not imported into the USA. Everything Daewoo Precision Industries made is discontinued.


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